Voyage and Demurrage Management

HC maintains a knowledgeable and resourceful staff of demurrage experts to provide customized services to our clients. There are a number of ways HC can work with you:

Spot claims resolution for tackling the occasional claim or dispute.

While we represent many organizations in handling all their demurrage requirements, some companies need independent shipping expertise from time to time that we readily deliver on issues such as demurrage, detention, force majeure, and deadfreight.   Each client, regardless of company size or project scope, is a valued business partner.

Fully outsourced demurrage management.

Haugen is engaged to handle all demurrage matters on behalf of the client from capturing key data points, collecting the appropriate documents, investigating the events, compiling calculations and claims, to negotiating with counterparties.

We take a proprietary, data-driven approach to optimizing an organization’s shipping operations. Our in-depth analysis measures the performance of an organization by business unit, product, terminal, vessel, or any number of customizable dimensions.

This key information is then applied to improving client operations and contract provisions.

Fully outsourced voyage and demurrage management.

In addition to the comprehensive demurrage services provided above, Haugen contemporaneously captures all voyage performance details, regardless if demurrage is incurred, facilitating more accurate performance studies overall. When a fixture is negotiated, Haugen establishes a voyage record and tracks the ongoing communications. Should a demurrage claim subsequently arise, then Haugen’s voyage file will proactively contain the constituent details and information necessary to accurately assess liability.

Strategy planning to help our clients better manage demurrage in the future.

This includes analyzing previous voyages to help draft better contract terms, and improve the way tanker movements are negotiated and processed.

HC’s proven track record in the successful resolution of laytime and demurrage issues on behalf of Ship Owners, Charterers and Commercial Trading Partners has been second to none since our company was established in 1995. Integral to our success is our proprietary data driven approach which is accessible to clients online. With a keen awareness that no two companies are alike, we learn all the nuances of our clients’ businesses as well as the people working there enabling us to deliver a customized service that exceeds expectations. Our primary objective is to achieve client satisfaction through delivering a consistent, superior product that we are proud to stand behind.