Demurrage Software Solution

Haugen Software has engineered an innovative approach to the demurrage workflow — Voyager — backed with the full support of Haugen Consulting.

Efficient claims handling begins with Voyager’s cloud platform that boasts a powerful demurrage calculator, document storage, communications tracking, and comprehensive reporting.

Additional efficiencies are created through Voyager’s selective sharing functionality that enables respondents to work in a copied version of the calculation. Gone are the days of analysts wasting time recreating the claimant’s calculation from a PDF document into an Excel spreadsheet.

Rebilling demurrage to commercial counterparties is a cinch with a one-click rebilling procedure.

The claims handling process from beginning to end is seamlessly handled in the Voyager platform.

Discovering the root causes of demurrage is another benefit of Voyager’s powerful query system. Users can readily view the delays at particular ports, terminals, as well as cargo-specific delays.

Ship owners, brokers, charterers, and commercial trading partners are all benefiting by working in an industry standard platform that streamlines the workflow and eliminates the pain points.

It’s truly an amazing demurrage management system that Haugen Consulting has wanted all along. Check it out!