In-House Temporary Staffing

Haugen places experienced demurrage analysts on-site, to handle claims overflow and provide expert guidance. This is an excellent service option for clients that have proprietary systems that cannot be accessed off-site by third parties.

Our qualified professionals go in-house, as needed, to assist with demurrage claims backlog.  The analyst retrieves the necessary information for analysis, negotiates with counterparties, and records the settlements in the client’s accounting system—alleviating unnecessary task work for the client.  For tricky issues that require commercial consideration, the analyst is readily able to interface with the responsible client party to discuss the matter.

This service is coordinated to suit the individual requirements of each client which hinges, in part, on the scope and volume of the claims backlog. The project may necessitate staffing an analyst in-house for a few days a week over the course of several months; or, it may require retaining an analyst on a temporary full-time basis for an undetermined amount of time.