NPRA 2010 – International Petrochemical Conference

December 23, 2009

San Antonio is the quintessential destination for the annual NPRA meeting and so I’m looking forward to attending the upcoming 2010 International Petrochemical Conference being hosted there from March 28th-30th. It’s a great opportunity to put in face time with current clients, meet prospective new clients, and catch up with old friends. This is singly the best venue of the year to meet with the decision makers in the petrochemical industry from around the globe in one locale in a period of just a few days!

Although Haugen Consulting’s demurrage services are downstream from the refiners’ core business, these producers must successfully move their feedstocks and refined products, usually by tanker or barge, and thus this conference goes hand-in-hand with the transportation and logistics services sector who are poised to help make the commercial transactions seamless and most cost-effective.

Haugen Consulting’s core business is to facilitate resolution of demurrage disputes which, at times, are unavoidable. However, in the first instance, we work to mitigate these ancillary shipping charges proactively through optimized vessel scheduling, writing comprehensive marine provisions, and successfully managing clients’ demurrage receivables and payables. With over 15 years as an independent consultancy we work as advocates for oil majors, petrochemical producers, commodity traders, and ship owners, in addition to teaching training courses worldwide making Haugen Consulting leading demurrage experts in the field.

Regardless of the position one holds in the petrochemical industry or what deals are being explored at the 2010 International Petrochemical Conference, I’m looking forward to the camaraderie of all the attendees who are keen to make things happen! Likewise, Haugen Consulting enjoys taking an active role in returning positive results. A few minutes invested in a personal meeting with Haugen Consulting in San Antonio can lead to increased effectiveness of one’s revenue generating employees while simultaneously improving one’s demurrage cost center management.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with Haugen Consulting while at the conference in San Antonio , please call Kathy Haugen at +1-540-463-5818 or send us an email via our website’s Contact Info page. Hope to see you there!