Demurrage Software as a Business Utility

August 23, 2015

Utilizing the power of demurrage software to reduce overhead and improve reporting can provide significant process gains, however, it only scratches the surface of what a great SaaS demurrage solution can accomplish i.e. harnessing the power of Business Utility so that all companies benefit.

Business Utility nails the subtle distinction that makes all the difference: the real, disruptive gains come from replacing inane, entrenched processes with a solution that allows companies to more efficiently transact among each other. That is, a solution that adds value and increasing efficiency among companies interconnecting with each other, and by doing so, each individual company is more efficient (as opposed to increasing efficiency and reducing costs inside a company).

Haugen Voyager is true Business Utility that provides a central network for managing demurrage claims. Every detail of our system reflects the fact that claims don’t exist in isolation — they involve numerous parties, any of whom can use Voyager to access each shared, but singular and canonical, claim.

This, in concert with our data feeds integration, eliminates the endless duplicated effort of the old way:

– Time log data is sourced only once: either entered by an agent or surveyor, or imported from a VMS or shipboard system.

– A claim is calculated and assembled once, by the owner or claim originator.

– Respondents receive the compiled, organized claims directly in Haugen Voyager itself; making revisions and negotiations fast. Rebills are equally smooth.

The value-add is high quality data that Haugen Insight (analytics tool) harnesses to assist companies with better planning, efficient resource utilization and optimizing costs.

SaaS software solutions are great; but SaaS software solutions that double as a Business Utility are far superior. Haugen Software is excited to be on the cutting edge of this innovation.